Beyond Medication Wellness Series

APDA Northwest is proud to present a series of free virtual workshops designed to give you practical tools and techniques to help you improve your quality of life with PD.


4 Weeks to PD-PRO: Optimizing Your Diet with Parkinson’s Disease

In this four-week course, you will learn about the PD-PRO diet and its connection improved quality of life with Parkinson’s disease, how to manage common Parkinson’s symptoms, transitioning to a plant-based diet, and the role of diet in reducing inflammation and supporting brain health. Acquire the knowledge and tools to integrate brain-protective foods into your daily meals, all while optimizing nutrition and flavor.

Facilitated by Kelly Morrow, MS, RDN, FAND
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Seattle Integrative Medicine

Held in Jan-Feb 2024


Hand On Helpful Caregiving

Wednesdays 10:30am – 11:30am PT
March 6 – March 27

On Zoom


Throughout these workshops you will learn how to help the one you care for help themselves, using a variety of techniques including adaptive tools, simple modifications to the environment, and adjusting positioning / using proper ergonomics. You will come away with the tools needed to put these techniques into action and the understanding of how big changes can result from even little adjustments. This will allow you and those you care for to work as a team throughout the day.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn the benefits of supporting those you care for in maximizing their participation and engagement in daily life.
  2. Discover the small details that can change the big picture of daily tasks and activities.
  3. Walk away with a list of practical modifications that can be implemented immediately.

Week 1: The Power of Helping Others Help Themselves

Discover and discuss the importance of maximizing function and participation as long as possible. We will learn strategies to implement and encourage independence, and problem solve barriers that may get in the way.

Week 2: Safety for Two with Positioning and Ergonomics

Increase safety for both yourself and those you care for by learning proper ergonomics and positioning. Where and how each person is positioned in relation to the environment is key for making mobility and participation in tasks more efficient. Analyze demonstrations and discover consistent components between tasks and activities.  

Week 3: Control Your Environment – Don’t Let It Control You

When set up poorly, our environment can be a barrier. When set up in a way to meet the needs of an individual, it can be our greatest support! We will go through a variety of environmental factors that can be easily modified to best support you and those you care for.

Week 4: Maximize Independence with Adaptive Equipment

View demonstrations of tools and devices that can make a world of difference for participation, engagement, and independence! We will discuss pros and cons of various styles, where to find these tools, and how to properly use them for maximal benefit! 

Heidi Huynh, OTR, CTRS

Heidi has always had a passion for finding joy in daily life and helping others achieve that as well. She has years of experience working with aging adults as an Occupational Therapist in many settings including skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living, independent living facilities, and their own homes. Her focus is to assist those she works with in maximizing their independence and safety so they can continue to spend time doing what they love, as well as the daily things they need to do. Once seeing the value of serving aging adults in their own natural environment, she has taken her prior experience and created Ascend Therapy Services, with which she provides mobile outpatient occupational therapy services and provides online resources to better reach the greater community. 


Finessing Fine Motor Skills

Wednesdays 10:30am – 11:30am PT
May 16 – June 6

On Zoom

Registration Opens in April

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