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Keep Moving with APDA Series

Every Wednesday, our partners at the APDA National Rehabilitation Resource Center for Parkinson’s Disease at Boston University are hosting live fitness-focused sessions. These are short (approximately 20 minutes) sessions that offer education/instruction and the opportunity for the public to ask questions.
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Virtual Parkinson’s Education Programs

Tune in live for informative Q & A discussions with PD experts.
All Programs are Free, pre-registration required. (archived sessions available)

APDA Take Control Series

A monthly educational program giving those impacted by Parkinson’s disease greater knowledge on a variety of subjects.
Upcoming Sessions:
Friday 11/13 at 10:30am pt: PD & the Eye: How PD Affects Your Vision
Friday 12/11 at 10:30am pt: Sleep & Fatigue in Parkinson’s disease

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Dr. Gilbert Hosts…

Monthly program featuring expert discussion on various topics, followed by Q&A with attendees.

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Connect With Others

Caregiving During Quarantine

Caregiving has its challenges in the best of times, but experienced through the prism of fear, isolation and uncertainty of COVID-19, it takes on new dimensions.  Join a community of PD carepartners PD for a weekly chance to talk and share.  Facilitated by Joan Kelly, a licensed social worker.

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PRESS Program for Newly diagnosed.

The PRESS Program  (Parkinson’s Roadmap for Education and Support Services) was designed for those diagnosed with PD within the last 5 years.  This 8 week program conducted in a support group format will help you feel empowered, in control, and optimistic.

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Virtual Support Groups

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many groups are now meeting virtually instead of in-person.  If you are interested in finding a group, view the list by your community and contact the facilitator to find out if they are holding virtual meeting.

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APDA Conversations

APDA Conversations are inspirational and informative conversations hosted by legendary Seattle sports broadcaster, Dave Grosby “The Groz”.  ave and his guests share stories about their work and about how they are living well with PD.

Bill Rasmussen, Founder of ESPN

Charles Bergman, author of All the Penguins in the World

Nick Pernisco, author of Parkinson’s Warrior

See more APDA Conversations on the APDA Northwest YouTube Channel

“The Groz” was also just featured in the Joy of Life Podcast – a great conversation about life, a love of sports and a little about PD, too.

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Parkinson’s Training for Fitness, Health and Wellness Professionals

Online training program specifically designed to teach fitness professionals how to best meet the unique needs of PD patients. The importance of exercise and physical activity for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) has been well documented. Exercise produces many benefits including increased physical functioning (motor performance, strength, endurance), improved gait and balance, cardiovascular fitness, and overall better quality of life.

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