Strategic Plan

2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan


Every day, we provide the support, education, and research that will help everyone impacted by Parkinson’s disease live life to the fullest.


1. Deliver Innovative Programs & Services

Provide innovative signature programs and services to all impacted by Parkinson’s across the disease continuum and increase annual program participation.

2. Support & Expand Parkinson’s Disease Research

Increase APDA research funding allocation by at least 25% by 2018 and advance research efforts in Parkinson’s through continued advocacy, collaboration, and funding of the most promising clinicians and scientists.

3. Increase Public Awareness of Parkinson’s Disease & APDA

Increase the public’s awareness of Parkinson’s disease as a major health issue, and of APDA as a leader in the Parkinson’s disease arena by broadening the reach of APDA messaging by at least 25% by 2018.

4. Increase Revenue to Support Mission Delivery

Expand mission delivery and broaden organizational impact by 25% in all fundraising campaigns and initiatives combined by 2018.

5. Enhance Organizational Capacity to Execute Mission & Revenue Goals

Develop and sustain the infrastructure required to execute annual mission and revenue goals, and ensure consistent capability throughout the organization.