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Download Publications

The following publications are available as downloads here. You can also order print publications directly from us using this form.

Basic Information on Parkinson’s Disease/How We Can Help


Parkinson’s Disease Handbook – New Edition
Parkinson’s Disease Handbook – New Edition (Spanish)
Be Active & Beyond – A Guide to Exercise and Wellness for People with Parkinson’s Disease – New Edition
Helping Those Who Serve: Parkinson’s Disease Information For The Veterans Community
My Mommy Has Parkinson’s Disease But It’s Okay! – New Edition
Communicating About Off Episodes With Your Doctor (Download Only)
Make Your Voice Heard! Healthy Communication and Parkinson’s Disease



Educational Supplements

Becoming a Care Partner
Oral Health and Parkinson’s Disease
Fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease
Depression and Parkinson’s Disease
Understanding Bladder Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease 
Constipation & Parkinson’s Disease
Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s Disease
Everyday Helpful Hints to Improve the Quality of Life of Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Medications Approved for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease in the USA 
Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease – 10 Things You Can Do Now 
Medical ID Cards
Medications to Avoid

Fact Sheets (Download Only)

Fact Sheet: Communication and Intimacy in Parkinson’s Disease
Fact Sheet: Understanding Dyskinesia
Fact Sheet: Staying Healthy, Keeping Fit
Fact Sheet: Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension in Parkinson’s Disease
Fact Sheet: Motor Fluctuations Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet: Clinical Trials Brochure
Fact Sheet: Information About DBS to Discuss With Your Doctor 
Fact Sheet: Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease 
Fact Sheet: Healthy Minds, Addressing Your Mental Health 
Fact Sheet: Talking to Your Teen About Parkinson’s Disease


Brochures in Spanish/Folletos en Español

Enfermedad de Parkinson guía Informativa – Parkinson’s Disease Handbook
Como vivir con la enfermedad de Parkinson – Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease
Constipación y enfermedad de Parkinson – Constipation 
La Fatiga en la enfermedad de Parkinson – Fatigue
Cambios cognitivos en la enfermedad de Parkinson – Cognitive Changes  
La depresión y la enfermedad de Parkinson – Depression
Tarjeta de identificacion de contacto – Medical ID Card   
Medicamentos que se deben evitar o usar con precaución – Medications to Avoid 
La Enfermedad de Parkinson y la Salud Bucal- Oral Health & Parkinson’s Disease
Sintomas Urinarios en la Enfermedad de Parkinson- Bladder Symptoms & Parkinson’s Disease
Cómo Puedo Ayudar – How We Can Help
Mi Mami Tiene EP – My Mommy Has PD




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