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Opportunities for Research Funding

For the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 – Please check back in September 2018 for research funding opportunities.

APDA proudly invests in the most promising clinicians and scientific projects focused on the discovery of the cause(s) and finding the cure for Parkinson’s disease. APDA is committed to scientific research and has been a funding partner in most major Parkinson’s disease scientific breakthroughs investing more than $45 million in research since 1961. Many APDA funded researchers have successfully leveraged pilot data to secure multi-million dollar grants through the National Institutes of Health.

APDA’s focus is to bring the best new talent to the field of Parkinson’s disease research through the following grant programs:


George C. Cotzias, MD, Memorial Fellowships

Deadline: 03/12/2019

George C. Cotzias, MD was a pathfinder in the pharmacologic exploration of brain functions and in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with levodopa. His work stimulated much of the current interest and research on neurological movement disorders. The American Parkinson Disease Association has established the Cotzias fellowship, in honor of his memory, to stimulate neurologists to follow his leadership. The goal of the Cotzias fellowship is to assist promising young neurologists in establishing careers in research, teaching and clinical services relevant to the problems, causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and related neurological movement disorders. This is a fellowship of $80,000 per year for three years, not renewable.

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Research Grants

Deadline: 03/12/2019

Research grants are intended and available to investigators affiliated with and performing Parkinson’s disease research at major academic institutions across the United States. This is a grant of $50,000 per year for one year, renewable.

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Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Deadline: 03/12/2019

Post-Doctoral fellowships are awarded to support post-doctoral scientists whose research holds promise to provide new insights into the pathophysiology, etiology and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. This is a fellowship of $35,000 per year for one year.

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Summer Student Fellowships

In 2015, APDA and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PFD) partnered to expand their existing Summer Student Fellowships Programs, which supports students – from advanced undergraduates to medical students – in their pursuit of Parkinson’s-related summer research projects. The goal of the APDA-PDF Summer Student Fellowships is to cultivate students’ early interest in helping to solve, treat and end Parkinson’s and providing the tools they need to transition into leaders in the field.

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Review Process and the APDA Scientific Advisory Board

American Parkinson Disease Association grants are awarded through a competitive application process and reviewed by APDA’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is comprised of scientists with nationally recognized expertise in a variety of leading-edge research areas within the field of Parkinson’s disease. A rigorous review and scoring process of the applications is conducted by the SAB when it convenes annually to review the proposals. In order to be considered for funding, only applications which meet the highest quality are recommended for approval by the SAB.

Rules and Regulations

The funding of all fellowships, research grants, including the Cotzias will be limited to scientists affiliated with institutions located within the United States, independent from the nationality of the applicants. Only applicants for Cotzias Fellowships have to be US Citizens or permanent residents. All applications will be reviewed by the APDA Scientific Advisory Board and its recommendations submitted for consideration by the APDA Executive Committee.

More Information

For further information please contact Heather Gray at 800-223-2732 ext. 117 or

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