Understanding levodopa-induced dyskinesias: APDA-funded research published 

Congratulations to our 2020 APDA Research Grant Awardee Dr. Karen Jaunarajs for her work on understanding levodopa induced dyskinesias. Her study was recently published in Journal of Neuroscience. Dr. Jaunarajs works closely with Dr. David Standaert, Chairman of APDA’s Scientific Advisory Board, and the Chairman of University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Neurology, which recently highlighted her important research.   

Using single nucleus RNA-sequencing, the project established a comprehensive striatal transcriptional profile during development of levodopa induced dyskinesias (LID). The profiles differed immediately after levodopa stimulation vs after repeated stimulation. In addition, she discovered that inhibition of Inhba, an activin subunit of the TGF-ß superfamily, impaired LID development, suggesting that activin signaling may play an essential role in LID.  

Understanding how and why LIDs develop are necessary steps to developing treatments for this troublesome medication side effect. APDA is proud to sponsor this research which brings hope to our PD community!  

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