ABOUT APDA Northwest

About APDA Northwest

Providing resources to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington states, APDA Northwest aims to fulfill our mission by educating and empowering those in our community challenged with Parkinson’s by promoting hope and optimism through innovative services and programs, and funding vital local and national research. This dual mission of helping people live better today while we also fight for a better life tomorrow, is unique.

What Do We Do

  • Support our Regional APDA Information & Referral Center, providing a telephone hotline, answering questions, providing referrals, and offering a sympathetic listener, education and access to resources for patients, their families, and healthcare providers, our quarterly newsletter, the Parkinson Pathfinder, as well as other literature and information.
  • Research – Raise funds for research into the cause and cure of Parkinson’s disease. APDA has directed more than $48 million to scientific research and has been a funding partner in almost every major Parkinson’s scientific breakthrough over the past 55 years. APDA Northwest has been the primary funding source for the Washington State Parkinson’s Disease Registry, with the goal of making research happen faster by connecting people with Parkinson’s to the research community.
  • Support Groups with professional facilitators and a network volunteers whom are trained by APDA.
  • Health and Wellness Classes specifically for people with Parkinson’s, including dance, boxing, singing, and yoga.
  • Education from print materials to specialized programs such as Good Start for those newly diagnosed, Take Control for those in the later stages, Live Well for all stages, to specialized programs throughout the year on topics such as Deep Brain Stimulation or movement like our Optimism Retreat. As well as our quarterly Newsletter, the Parkinson Pathfinder.
  • APDA Ride Repay providing mobility and independence to people with Parkinson’s who can no longer drive.
  • APDA Caregiver’s Day Off Program allowing caregivers time away to renew and revitalize themselves while knowing their loved one is well cared for.