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Participate in Parkinson’s Research

There is still much to learn about PD.  Continued research is essential to a better understanding of disease progression, possible therapies and an eventual cure.

Participating in a clinical trial is an invaluable way for YOU to get involved in the pursuit of a cure for Parkinson’s disease. No amount of funding or other resources can make up for a lack of volunteers.

Locally, there is much going on in research.  Below are a few ways for you to get involved.

The WA State Parkinson Disease Registry

APDA Northwest is proud to fully fund the Parkinson Disease Registry.  The registry helps make research happen more quickly by connecting willing research participants to the research community.

You can join the registry or learn more by visiting their website:

Local Research Centers & Studies

For further information on any study posted here, please click on the link.  APDA has not individually reviewed or specifically endorsed each study. As always, consult your physician to discuss the individual benefits and risks of each study prior to participating.


EvergreenHealth Research Program, Kirkland, WA:  Learn More

Inland Northwest Research, Spokane, WA:  Learn More


The PaGeR Study:  A Parkinson’s Genetic Research Study, focusing on those with Parkinson’s Disease in their Family.

CAM Care in Parkinson’s Disease:  An online study collecting data from individuals worldwide about what, and how they are doing living with PD.


Fox Trial Finder

NIH Clinical Trial Finder

WEBINAR: Parkinson’s Disease Spotlight On Clinical Trials

Here is an overview of the APDA webinar on Parkinson’s clinical trials, hosted on 2.9.16, including why clinical trials are vital to Parkinson’s research and how to participate.

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