At-Home Exercise

At-Home Exercise Options

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APDA’s FREE Virtual Classes

For a look at all of APDA’s Virtual Classes & Events, view the events calendar:

Description of APDA Funded Classes

Registration is required. Registration links can be found on APDA’s Virtual Events Calendar: CALENDAR

Body Moves: 
A movement class designed to increase your strength and balance, improve your posture, and engage your brain.  Whether seated, standing, or lying on the floor, you will learn how to move with greater ease and comfort. (brought to you by APDA Northwest)
Find out more about Body Moves through this video

Chair Yoga:
An alignment focused, fun, mindful class with adaptations offered to dial up or down your need for challenge. Increase your strength, flexibility and creativity while learning and practicing yogic principles with Jenn.  (brought to you by APDA Northwest)

DANCE for Body, Mind & Spirit:
Join Chris Daigre, dancer, teacher and person with PD for a fun and inclusive dance experience. Move to the music and learn movements that support postural stability, increased range of motion and fluency.  (brought to you by APDA Northwest)
Want a taste of the class? Check out this video!  Questions? Email Chris:

Dance Moves:  
Join Donna and dancer, Carolyn McCarty for a dance/movement experience, with an option of time after class for conversation, specifically designed for the PD Community. (brought to you by APDA Massachusetts)

Laughter Yoga: 
A 2016 study on Laughter Yoga and Parkinson’s found statistically significant improvements in well-being for adults with PD and their care partners after attending a Laughter Yoga session. Anyone can do it. And there are no side effects! When you pretend laughter, you get the same benefits as actually laughing and before you know it, you are laughing naturally. Join Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Trainer Rob Rivest in this eight- week series. (brought to you by APDA Connecticut Chapter)

Movement Studio:
A curated series of workshops exploring approaches from different styles designed to expand your movement toolkit. Each class will focus on a specific movement style: Tai Chi, Theater Movement or Improvisation. (brought to you by APDA NY)

Music Therapy:
Join board-certified music therapist Maggie in this fun and engaging class that can help with balance, communication, cognition, mental health and prevent social isolation. A typical class may start with a warm up, try some percussion or sing familiar songs. (brought to you by APDA Connecticut Chapter)

Sing Loud:
A chorus for people living with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners. No previous musical experience is required and all lyrics will be provided! (brought to you by APDA New York)

Yoga for People with PD:
Join longtime Yoga for PD instructor Peter Lynch (all levels and abilities welcome). From novices to experienced yogis, there is something for everyone. Gain a greater sense of well-being and movement through increased flexibility, strength, breath and balance.

More APDA classes can be found on the St. Louis Chapter’s Youtube channel. They have a variety of recorded classes catered to varying abilities that can be accessed HERE.

Additional APDA Resources

Order the APDA “Be Active & Beyond Book.” You can call us at 206-695-2905 and we will mail it to you. You can also download it here.

Watch the Webinar “Getting Motivated to Move” here.

Watch the Let’s Keep Moving Webinar Series.  Tune in live every Wednesday or watch recorded versions.  Visit Page

Need some expert advice? Call the APDA Exercise Help line! 888-606-1688 or email:

Other Community-Run Classes

Some of the classes below are free, others charge a small fee. If finances are a hardship for you, but you are eager to take classes that charge a fee the APDA Patient Aid Scholarship could help.

Yoga for PD with Peter Lynch: Live classes daily with access to the classes later. Including FREE Tuesday & Thursday classes (sponsored by APDANW)  Register Here

Daily Dose
Our friends at the Parkinson’s Fitness Project have been broadcasting specially designed PD workouts based on the latest science. They have a great archive of videos and online classes. You can sign up for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and then if you like what you see, use the promo code MOVE when signing up to get the next 3 months at 50% off. They also have some free classes available, do live online classes, and if you are in the greater Seattle area you can join them in person once classes resume.

Dance for PD
Dance for PD has live classes nearly every day through a Zoom video link. Videos of archived classes can be played directly from the website.

Rock Steady Boxing
They offer short classes posted regularly on YouTube.

Boomerang Therapy Works
They offer both Facebook Live classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and have an archive of previous classes available to view anytime.

Silver Sneakers
Although not Parkinson’s-specific, Silver Sneakers is a specialty program designed for those 65+. They will be doing some Facebook Live classes and have an archive of previous classes available to view anytime.

Painting with Parkinson’s

At Painting With Parkinson’s, we believe that art has the power to heal. That’s why we host free classes and provide free painting kits to anyone affected by PD.

Parkinson Voice Project
Exercise your Voice! The Parkinson Voice Project has several practice videos available HERE.

Beat PD Today
They offer live and recorded PD exercise videos via their website.

Offering Stretching and movement session Live on Facebook, recorded sessions also available. HERE

Silver Kite: Offers intergenerational on-line arts programs.

Sing Loud: A chorus for people living with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners. Every Wednesday.  No previous musical experience is required and all lyrics will be provided!

Tremolos Singers:  A Seattle-area Parkinson’s chorus. Now singing together via zoom on Tuesdays at 11am. Email Judi Spencer for more information
or to register for the Fall session, you can do so HERE

Rebel Fit Club: Offers a variety of programs from Boxing to yoga, to PWR.

The generosity and creativity of both local and regional Parkinson’s exercise specialists have truly been an inspiration. We will continue adding to this list, and encourage you to check back frequently when you want to change things up!

Tips For Safe At-Home Exercise

If you have not been exercising regularly, please consult your healthcare provider before doing anything new.
• Choose a space where you’ll have enough room to move around
• If using a chair or other furniture for assistance, make sure it’s sturdy and isn’t going to slide around
• If exercising by yourself, make sure you have access to a phone just in case
• Make a plan: schedule fitness into your day and week
• Consult your physician if you have any health concerns or are just getting started

Our number one tip for at-home exercise is to TAKE A WALK if it is a safe option. There simply is no replacement for the outdoors, the fresh air, the movement, and it is free!

Want to Create a great and safe home exercise space?

Watch this short video or view the powerpoint slides HERE

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