Voice Exercises

Tremble Clefs

Now in-person

This clinically beneficial program provides vocal and movement exercises and generates new learning and comfortable challenges in a shared supportive environment. Most groups  meet on a weekly basis. 

Tremble Clefs is taking place in-person in St. Charles and will start soon in another location.

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Below are videos to help you exercise your voice at home.

Tremble Clefs 5 Minute Vocal Bootcamp

In anticipation of returning Tremble Clefs to in-person, we have created a series of 5 minute videos to get your voice ready.

Sing at home with Tremble Clefs! Videos for voice warm-ups and exercises.

The Tremble Clefs of Greater St. Louis’ mission:

  • To address the vocal and respiratory issues that come as a result of  Parkinson’s (for example: a decrease in vocal volume, inefficient breath support,  loss of  vocal  color-monotone voice)
  • To improve posture, balance, and mobility through movement to music
  • Offer its members an enjoyable and supportive social outlet
  • Promote PD awareness through singing

Voice Classes

We periodically hold voice maintenance groups for graduates of the LSVT-LOUD program, or those that want to work on their voice and speech. Call us at 636.778.3377 to learn more.

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