Exercise Class Description

CHAIR YOGA + MEDITATION: This seated yoga class unites the mind, breath and body to address awareness, flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga empowers participants to start where they are and grow over time towards improved mobility and quality of life. This class includes meditation and breathing exercises. All levels are welcome.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: In each class, participants work through a series of eight to twelve different stations that offer a unique exercise designed to target Parkinson’s symptoms. The stations incorporate a variety of equipment such as weights and resistance bands to make the circuit fun and challenging.

EXERCISE FOR PARKINSONS (INTERVAL TRAINING)Class is 30 minutes of indoor cycling & 30 minutes of land-based fitness activities. Exercise seated or standing with support. Movements are done at a pace & intensity that are appropriate for each participant.

FIT ‘N FUN: An easy to follow, head to toe workout designed to increase strength, range of motion and stability. Hand weights and wands are used.

INTERVAL TRAINING: This class challenges your balance, coordination, strength and endurance through alternating periods of higher-intensity exercise and  lower-intensity recovery.

JOY OF MOVEMENT: A dance class that works on balance, walking, flexibility and coordination in a fun environment. Experience music and movement in a creative way that instills confidence and combats depression. Care partners are welcome; those who attend solo will be provided with a volunteer partner who does not have Parkinson’s. You can dance either seated or standing. All levels are welcome.

MOVEMENT TRAINING: This class uses a variety of exercises to work on  movement strategies, gait, balance, strength and flexibility. This class may use equipment, including hand weights, bands and balls.

PARKINSON PEDALERS: This basic cycling class include 30 minutes of cycling on upright bikes and 30 minutes of a land-based fitness activity. The class starts with low-impact aerobic exercise on a bike and concludes with standing balance, strength training and stretching.

SEATED EXERCISE: Seated exercise is designed to meet the needs of people with Parkinson’s disease who have challenges with movement and mobility. This class offers a combination of exercises that will target various areas of fitness, such as motor skills, muscle endurance, joint range of motion, and cardiovascular endurance.

STRENGTH AND CARDIO: Increase physical well being through cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and flexibility. Improve your mobility and mental health in a fun and inspiring fitness environment.

TAI CHI: An ancient Chinese internal martial art.  Tai Chi is a mind/body exercise offering significant improvement in balance, flexibility, core strength and  cognitive function.

YOGA:  This class will focus on different techniques of gentle movement and yoga breathing for all levels of people with Parkinson’s disease. It can help to improve movement, increase flexibility, improve posture, loosen tight and painful muscles, rebuild confidence and through these benefits enhance the quality of life.

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