Wellness Programs

Voice Exercises

Approximately,   80% or more of those living with Parkinson’s will experience some form of voice issues,  the most common of these being a decrease in vocal volume and inadequate breath support.  Singing with a group specifically designed for those living with PD can address those targeted areas and improve the voice.

Check out the Tremble Clefs singing group and voice exercises here.

Cognitive Exercises

brain in hands

Just like physical exercise, mental “exercise” is important. Mental activities can include doing puzzles, playing cards, reading books, going to lectures or concerts, or learning a new activity. These can be coupled with physical exercise such as learning new dance steps. Just like with physical exercise, there is no single “right” mental exercise. Social interactions are an important source of mental stimulation, and many activities can be done with friends or family members.

Click here for some suggestions and activities to boost your brain.

Connecting Through Art

Connecting through Art is a creative arts program that offers people with PD the space and ability to express feelings, emotions, and daily concerns through art. It is open to any adult who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners.

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