About APDA Connecticut

About the APDA Connecticut Chapter

 “Thriving” with Parkinson’s Disease!

Board member Stefan at work. He has Young Onset PD.
Cutting PD off at the knees! Thriving-every day!

Board Officers

President – Erika P. Forte
Vice President – Lauren Erardi
Secretary – Jennifer Barnhart
Treasurer – Valdemar Ramos

Board of Directors

Stefan McKosky
Tanya Spurlin, Esq.
TJ Goldberg
Veronica Santini, MD
Dana Paul
Holly Seymour
Heather Pierce
Thomas Atwood

APDA CT Chapter Coordinator
Marlane Argianas

Yellow Dot Program in Connecticut
The National TRIAD initiative affixes a yellow dot in the car’s rear window to alert emergency response personnel to senior drivers’ and passengers’ medical information stored in the vehicle.
Register at Stonington Human Services.  When registering, please bring all current medical information; photos will be taken on-site.  Information cards also alert emergency personnel of the injured senior’s family members whose care may be dependent upon the senior, such as a homebound spouse.
Call (860) 535-5015 for an appointment.
Sponsored by Stonington Police Department and Stonington TRIAD.

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