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Gait and Cognition
Sacred Heart University Movement Analysis Lab
Contact Dr. Joshua Lander for more information
(203)-226-2366 or

Do you have Parkinson’s disease and symptoms of depression?
Yale University
Take part in this research to help in the discovery of new treatments for those
fighting against Parkinson’s disease.
Contact: or call or text: (475) 287-9521

Yale Sleep Study

Parkinson’s Disease and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Yale Study 
For information, please get in touch with our Research Coordinator, Camalene Chrysostoum, at
(203) 785-2285 or

SPEAK OUT! is an effective program that combines education, individual, and
group voice therapy. Sacred Heart University offers this program “FREE”!
Please contact Cristina M. Pino, M.A., CCC-SLP at:

University of Connecticut, Department of Kinesiology, Program in Physical Therapy.

Participants wanted for a research study: Improving Gait and Quality of life in people with Parkinson’s disease through enhanced gait training. Call 860-486-9555 to learn more

People with Parkinson’s disease or other forms of parkinsonism have a much higher risk of hip and other fractures. Consider joining a virtual study where you can participate entirely from the comfort of your own home. TOPAZ (Trial of Parkinson’s and Zoledronic Acid) will test if zoledronate, can prevent fractures in people with Parkinson’s disease or other forms of parkinsonism, whether or not they have osteoporosis. You could receive $100 upon enrollment and $50 pear year during the study. For more information, please visit, or call us directly at (415) 317-5748.

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