Young Onset & Finance

Paying for Senior Care - 641-715-3900 Ext. 606151#

Offers individuals and families information about the types of care available and paying for that care. Provides helpful tools and creative ideas for people who need help now or are planning for the future.

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Medicare Interactive

Medicare Interactive can help you find answers about medicare benefits.

My Social Security - 1-800-772-1213

At each stage of your life, my Social Security is for you. Your personal online my Social Security account is a valuable source of information beginning in your working years and continuing throughout the time you receive Social Security benefits. Create an account to If you are currently receiving benefits, you can check your benefit and payment information and your earnings record. If you are still working, use this tool to estimate your retirement, disability, and survivors benefits.

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How To Plan Financially for Your SSDI or SSI Social Security Disability Claim

The financial ramifications of a denied disability claim can be overwhelming. Without a way to generate an income, disability applicants who do not plan properly may face a serious financial crisis before the appeal process can be completed. If you plan on applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is important that you plan ahead to prevent undue financial stress should you need to wait months or years while pursuing your claim through the SSA's Social Security Disability appeal process. Be sure to also check out the Disability Resources page. -

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American Bar Association - 800-285-2221

Legal Guide for the Seriously Ill

The onset of a serious illness or injury can affect much more than a person's health. Knowing what steps to take to get your financial and legal affairs in order is often vitally important not only to you, but to your loved ones. This guide provides you information on several steps to consider if you face serious illness or injury. Specifically, this guide explains "seven key steps" in short and simple terms and provides tips and resource links that will give you much more detailed information on topics such as.Patient Rights, Healthcare Decisions and Employment.

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Protected Tomorrows - (847) 522-8086

Protected Tomorrows is an advocacy firm that helps those with disabilities navigate their way through a comprehensive life planning process. Protected Tomorrows is able to provide individuals and families in developing special needs care plans. The organization's areas of expertise include: education planning, residential care planning, financial and legal issues, and application for employment and government benefits including SSDI and / or SSI. Fees are individually assessed depending on the complexity of the case and services requested.

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Twenty government agencies are represented on this Web site and work together to promote financial literacy and education. This Web site considers finances from a developmental perspective, recognizing the impact of various life stages (birth of a child, marriage, death of a loved one, etc.). Checklists, calculators, and worksheets are also provided to help people make informed financial decisions.

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Financial Planning Association - (800) 322-4237

The Financial Planning Association Web site provides a wide variety of resources (articles, worksheets, guides, webinars, etc.) designed to help individuals understand the importance of financial planning and the value of obtaining sound advice from a financial planning professional. Special sections related to saving for college, estate planning, and long-term care for loved ones are also provided.

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Whether you are considering going back to school, or you have a child who is planning to go to college, can help you to locate available scholarships as well as provide information about grants and student loans. They also have helpful links to resources such as tips for writing an application essay, tuition reimbursement, avoiding scholarship scams and tips for saving for college.

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Through the Looking Glass - (800) 644-2666

This organization awards college scholarships to graduating high school seniors or college students under the age of 21 who have at least one disabled parent. The number of scholarships and the dollar amounts of each vary from year to year. Students seeking consideration by this organization should plan on applying early This Web site also offers tips on finding other funding sources to pay for college.

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Fin Aid

This Web site provides information about college loans, scholarships, military aid, and using savings to pay tuition costs. An Expected Family Contribution calculator is available to provide families with a rough estimation of their tuition contribution amount versus the amount they may be able to obtain from various sources of financial aid.

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FAFSA - (800) 433-3243

FAFSA is the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid Web site. Most financial aid options require that students complete a FAFSA as their first step in the process of obtaining financial assistance with education costs.

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Women, Infants & Children Program (WIC) - USDA Food & Nutrition Service

Under the WIC Program, federal grants are supplied to states for supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutritional education for low-income pregnant or postpartum women, infants, and children under the age of 5. This Web site includes information about eligibility and how to apply for the WIC program.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - USDA Food & Nutrition Service

SNAP helps low-income families buy the food they need for good health. Individuals apply for benefits by completing a state application form. SNAP helps participants make healthy eating and active lifestyle choices. This Web site provides information about eligibility and the application process.

Back to top is a partnership of Federal agencies that provides information about over 1,000 benefit and government-assisted programs. The site offers a free, online screening tool linking you to a listing of government benefit programs for which you may qualify. This Web site does not require you to enter your name, address, or social security number.

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Need Help Paying Bills

This Web site links to national, local, community, and charitable organizations that provide assistance to people experiencing financial hardship. Assistance varies by program and includes help such as: rent or mortgage payment, utility bill payment, and the covering medical expenses.

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United States Courts

This Web site provides basic information about the bankruptcy process as well as a Bankruptcy Forms Manual which allows site visitors to download all pertinent forms as well as completion instructions. It is advisable to consult with an attorney when considering filing for bankruptcy.

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National Foundation for Credit Counseling

The NFCC is a national organization that offers credit counseling and bankruptcy education across the US. The Web site contains a tool to search for affiliated Credit Counselors by state.

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