Resources & Support

Local Resources for People with Parkinson’s

Fitness classes

Exercise is not just recommended, it’s critical for people with Parkinson’s disease. As gyms, workshops and trainers make options available we post them here. These classes range from dance and yoga to rowing and boxing. There is something for everyone. APDA Wisconsin offers financial assistance to cover class fees via a voucher system.

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Support groups

These support groups are for people with Parkinson’s, their family and caregivers. It is a facilitated group, who meet regularly to discuss how to handle their disease and treatment, and provide networking and community.

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Caregiver support groups

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s disease can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. There are several resources that can help you along your journey. APDA Wisconsin sponsors many local support groups for caregivers throughout the state. Find one near you.

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Find a movement disorder specialist

APDA Wisconsin maintains a list of movement disorders specialists in the state and provides a link to Partners in Parkinson’s Finder Tool, so that you can find the medical professional best able to address your issues.

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Financial resources

Living with PD can put significant strain on a family’s finances. To help ease this burden, APDA Wisconsin proudly offers a number of grant programs to offset costs associated with care.

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