Parkinson’s Disease & the Gut

Dr. Gilbert Answers Questions About Parkinson’s Disease and Gastrointestinal Issues On a recent episode of APDA’s Dr. Gilbert Hosts, I spoke with Dr. Ali Keshavarzian, a gastroenterologist with expertise on Parkinson’s disease and the gut. We covered a lot of ground and during the broadcast and answered questions from the audience. Further Reading: Learn about […]

Parkinson’s Disease Advice From Those Who Have “Been There”

Dr. Gilbert Hosts episode features advice on how to live with Parkinson’s On a recent episode of APDA’s Dr. Gilbert Hosts, I was joined by four exceptional people with Parkinson’s disease who shared their personal experiences with PD and answered your questions live. Collectively, they have been living with Parkinson’s for more than 60 years. […]

APDA-Funded Parkinson’s Research Successes: 2022 Update

APDA-funded Parkinson’s Research Successes: 2022 Update Since 1961, APDA has been a funding partner in many major scientific breakthroughs and has awarded nearly $55 million in Parkinson’s disease (PD) research grants to date. APDA funds individual research grants and fellowships to scientists performing innovative PD research.

The Future of Parkinson’s Disease Treatments – What’s New?

New Parkinson’s Disease Treatments in the Pipeline The pipeline for new Parkinson’s disease (PD) medications is very crowded, with multiple new medications in various stages of research development that are targeting neuroprotection, as well as motor and non-motor symptoms. In several past blogs we have reviewed many strategies currently being tested for PD, which you […]

What I wish I knew when I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Wisdom & Advice from People Living with Parkinson’s Disease  The voice of our Parkinson’s disease (PD) community is vibrant and full of excellent advice. And we know that hearing from those who have “been there” can be particularly helpful. For this article, we specifically consulted those who have more than a decade of experience with PD […]

Handwriting & Parkinson’s Disease

Writing Big: Parkinson’s Disease & Handwriting For today’s topic, we enlisted the expertise of Andie Hill, an Occupational Therapy student at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Recently, she has worked with APDA’s Northwest Chapter, helping people with PD manage various symptoms of PD and improve their quality of life, including issues with […]

Five Myths About Levodopa

Levodopa and Parkinson’s Disease When prescribed, levodopa is extremely effective in treating the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and is embraced by many with PD. Many individuals see using Levodopa as a vital ingredient in maintaining movement and quality of life. It is the most prescribed medication for PD and has been the mainstay […]

Meet Dr. Abby Olsen, an APDA-Funded Researcher Studying Parkinson’s Genes in Glial “Helper” Cells

Q&A with Dr. Abby Olsen on Glial Cells in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment A conversation about genes in glial helper cells (and fruit flies!) Our A Closer Look blog is designed to educate, inform, and inspire you through a variety of topics and insights about Parkinson’s disease (PD). One way we do that is through our Interview with APDA […]

Planning for the What Ifs: Parkinson’s Disease & End of Life

End-Stage Parkinson’s Disease & Risk of Death It’s hard to think about the tough stuff. The what ifs, the worst-case scenarios, the unknowns. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive condition, which means that it gets worse with time. However, for many people, the worsening is gradual, maybe even imperceptible at times. This affords you many […]