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APDA Virginia Chapter Resources & Support

Local Parkinson’s Support Groups

We believe that support groups provide the best forum for the individual Parkinsonian and their caregiver to quickly gather information and to grow in the knowledge and understanding of their disease. In support groups you find wonderful people with compassion, courage, humor, and a desire to help each other.

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Local Exercise and Wellness Classes

Stay active and engaged in activities designed for people with Parkinson’s.

Senior Resources

Click below for a collection of resources for senior citizens in different areas of Virginia.

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Transportation Resources

Resources are available to those with Parkinson’s who need help getting around town.

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Assistive Devices

Providing a variety of independent living equipment for the citizens of Virginia.

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A Parkinson’s Disease Community

In partnership with the American Parkinson Disease Association

APDA Financial Hardship Fund

The APDA Virginia Chapter has a limited amount of funds available to assist people with Parkinson’s disease (PWP) who are experiencing financial hardship. This fund is intended to help improve PWP’s quality of life.  To be considered for an award, the applicant must have a diagnosis of PD/Parkinsonism; be experiencing financial difficulties; understand that this award is not intended as an ongoing support fund; complete a post-experience survey; reside in the community, not in a rehabilitation center, long-term care, or skilled nursing facility; and understand that the payment may take at least 30 days to process after the application is approved.  (A detailed list of the eligibility guidelines is on the application.)

Awards are made on a first-come basis and are subject to the approval of an application and the availability of funds. The fund is subject to change or discontinuation with limited notice.

If you have any questions or need assistance exploring additional community resources, contact the APDA Virginia Chapter at  757-408-8921 or for more information

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