How Parkinson’s Can Affect Relationships

Chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s affect people with the disease and those who care about them: parents, siblings, partners, children, friends and co-workers. Young onset Parkinson’s, also known as early onset Parkinson’s, is no exception.

Recognizing that early Parkinson’s disease can stress relationships in unexpected ways and being willing to discuss noticeable relationship changes with one another can allow relationships to become stronger and more supportive. Make sure to read our page on What You Should Know about early onset Parkinson’s to explore different facets of living with the disease.


Maintaining current relationships and remaining open to creating new ones is important and can provide valuable support and a sense of community.


Understand some of the ways Parkinson’s disease can change relationships by altering the roles and responsibilities each partner assumes at home and at work.


Encourage your parents, siblings, children and even extended family members to visit this Web site and contact us if they have questions.