Dr. Gilbert Hosts: Parkinson’s Disease & the Veteran Community

In this session of Dr. Gilbert Hosts, Dr. Ruth Walker shared her expertise on Parkinson’s disease and the Veteran community and she answered audience questions Live.

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Ruth H. Walker obtained her medical degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and went on to complete a PhD in basal ganglia neuroanatomy at the University of Edinburgh and MIT. Following a neurology residency at New York University School of Medicine, she returned to the basal ganglia for a fellowship in Movement Disorders at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She is Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at the James J. Peters Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center in the Bronx, and is also Professor in the Department of Neurology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Dr. Walker’s research focuses on functional neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of the basal ganglia and clinicopathologic correlations of movement disorders. She has a particular interest in rare genetic disorders. Along with her colleague at the Bronx VA, Dr. Melissa Nirenberg, she has a newly-funded grant to look at the role of head injury in the development of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders in veterans.


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