Managing Stress

Everyone has stress in their life, and a little stress can be a good thing.

It can motivate us to accomplish tasks and avoid procrastinating. It is when stress becomes the norm—our baseline—that it can be a drain on us physically and emotionally. Finding ways to manage stress is important for us all, but especially for people with Parkinson’s disease because stress can lead to a worsening of some of the symptoms of PD.

If you are young and have PD, you are likely to feel pulled in many directions at once. How can you fulfill all of your different roles and responsibilities, take care of yourself and those who may be depending on you, and at the same time keep from feeling too stressed? It may sometimes feel as though managing your stress is simply one more stressor!

There is no one solution to the problem of stress. Some people will find that it is in their best interest to reduce the number of tasks or responsibilities they have, others may maintain the same responsibilities but allow themselves more time to accomplish the tasks associated with each.

Identifying people and resources that can help you manage some of the most stressful aspects of your life can also be quite helpful. If you find yourself in a particularly stressful circumstance at work or home, financially or legally, take a look at this directory. Sometimes, realizing that we do not have to figure everything out alone can allow us to relax and breathe a bit easier.

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