Dr. George C. Cotzias Memorial Fellowship

Dr. George C. Cotzias Memorial Fellowship:  Academic Year 2022-2023

Deadline to apply: 03/11/2022


Award details

Dr. George C. Cotzias was a pathfinder in the pharmacologic exploration of brain functions and in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with levodopa. His work stimulated much of the current interest and research on the problems of the neurological movement disorders. It is to honor the memory of the late Dr. Cotzias and to stimulate young neurologists to follow his leadership that The American Parkinson Disease Association has established the George C. Cotzias Fellowship.

One hundred thousand dollars will be awarded each year for salary and supporting research expenses for three consecutive years providing the required conditions are met to the satisfaction of the APDA Scientific Advisory Board, and the APDA Board of Directors.

The applicants will receive notification of the decision in July 2022. The APDA grant year runs from September 1st to August 31st.


The Dr. George C. Cotzias Memorial Fellowship is intended to assist promising young neurologist in establishing careers in research, teaching and patient care relevant to the problems, causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and related neurological movement disorders.


The applicant must be a physician who is licensed to practice medicine in the US and who is completing, or has completed, training in a clinical discipline concerned with disorders of the nervous system (i.e. adult neurology, child neurology, neurosurgery, neuropathology). The applicant should be an instructor or assistant professor and demonstrate a clear commitment to the goal described above. There should also be evidence that the sponsoring institution will provide the environment and support needed for career development.

The applicant should be no more than 10 years beyond completion of his/her clinical training at the time of submission and must be sponsored by a non-profit institution in the US or its territories. Applicants with questions about their eligibility should contact the APDA in advance of submitting an application.

Application Process and Proposal

Description of the proposed research plan should not exceed six (6) pages and should consist of background, specific aims, research design, and a statement of significance for Parkinson disease research. The applicant’s NIH biosketch as well as two letters of reference, one from the applicant’s direct sponsor and one from a professional person with personal knowledge of the applicant’s academic past and ability, should be included. An optional third letter can be submitted as well. The applicant should list all current and pending support, including sponsoring agency, amount and dates for awards. The application should indicate how other sponsored research complements or supplements the present proposal.

The six page limit only applies to the length of the proposal, not the entire application.


Funding is not to be used for:

  • Indirect costs.
  • Institutional overhead
  • Salary for the principal investigator higher than $75,000
  • Travel expenses higher than $3,000 each year.
  • Publication costs higher than $1000 each year.
  • Equipment costs higher than $10,000 each year.

Grant Disbursement

The funds ($100,000 per year) will be awarded as follows:

  • $25,000 awarded on or about September, December, March and June of each fiscal year.
  • Funding is dependent on receipt of acceptable yearly scientific and financial reports.
  • A final scientific and financial report is also required at the end of the third year.