Parkinson’s Roadmap for Education and Support Services™

Parkinson’s Roadmap for Education and Support Services™ (PRESS™)

The APDA PRESS™ support group will be open to anyone diagnosed within the last 5 years.  This 8-week closed session provides an opportunity for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and their family members to meet with others facing a similar experience and share coping strategies regarding day-to-day issues related to living with Parkinson’s. For many people with PD, the support group is a gateway into the world of PD advocacy, education, and services available in their community. It is a place to share their feelings in a safe, caring, environment and to gather information and resources.  Each group is facilitated by a healthcare professional with expertise in group facilitation.

Where:  St. Matthews Church | 7410 Sunset Drive, Miami
Contact:  Carolina Hoires, LCSW at 305.856.8940 ext.104 or