At-Home Activities

At-Home Activities

Tips For Safe At-Home Exercise

If you have not been exercising regularly, please consult your healthcare provider before doing anything new.
• Choose a space where you’ll have enough room to move around
• If using a chair or other furniture for assistance, make sure it’s sturdy and isn’t going to slide around
• If exercising by yourself, make sure you have access to a phone just in case
• Make a plan: schedule fitness into your day and week
• Consult your physician if you have any health concerns or are just getting started

Our number one tip for at-home exercise is to TAKE A WALK if it is a safe option. There simply is no replacement for the outdoors, the fresh air, the movement, and it is free!

Want to create a great and safe home exercise space?   Watch this short video or view our Setting Up for Success: Safe Exercise at Home Guide HERE

Note: We know many live exercise sessions are offered through Zoom.  Click Here, if you would like to know a little more about how to use Zoom.

APDA FREE Online Educational Programs

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Additional APDA Resources

Order the APDA “Be Active & Beyond Book.” You can call us at 800-223-2732 and we will mail it to you. You can also download it here.

Watch the Webinar “Getting Motivated to Move” here.

Watch the Let’s Keep Moving Webinar Series.  Watch recorded versions on APDA’s YouTube Channel.

More APDA classes can be found on the APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter’s YouTube Channel. They have a variety of recorded classes catered to varying abilities that can be accessed.

Need some expert advice? Call the APDA Exercise Helpline! 888-606-1688 or email:

Video and Live Classes Options

Rock Steady Boxing
They offer short classes posted regularly on YouTube.

Boomerang Therapy Works
They offer both Facebook Live classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and have an archive of previous classes available to view anytime.

Silver Sneakers
Although not Parkinson’s-specific, Silver Sneakers is a specialty program designed for those 65+. They will be doing some Facebook Live classes and have an archive of previous classes available to view anytime.

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