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Recursos En Español for Spanish Speakers

Understanding the critical need to provide support to diverse Parkinson’s populations, APDA increased efforts to provide Spanish educational materials. To date, nine APDA brochures and supplements have been written in Spanish, and more continue to be developed. Additionally, APDA offers access to live phone support in Spanish through the 800-223-2732 toll-free helpline. Finally, an “En Español” section has been added to the APDA website to ensure that the Spanish-speaking community can get the important care and support they need.


First Responders Parkinson’s Awareness Training Program

This 1-2 hour web-based course with instructional videos intended to provide overall education about Parkinson’s disease and information on protocols for the first responder when interacting with a person who shows the signs of Parkinson’s.  The first responder’s training program has been posted on state training websites in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Other states will be adding the program in the coming year; CEUs may be available through these states’ websites. A non-CEU version of the program is available on the APDA website via the link below.

This program meets the educational goals in Section 4b4 of the New Jersey Parkinson’s Disease Public Awareness and Education Act (A-2576.) signed into New Jersey state law in December 2014.


The Parkinson Community’s Online Forum

An APDA collaboration with SMART PATIENTS

Helping people with Parkinson’s and their care partners connect with each other is the reason we’ve partnered with Smart Patients to create a new online discussion forum for patients and their loved ones dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. Members in this online forum share help, advice, and information about treatments, symptoms, and side effects.

You can join the online forum for free to share, interact, and learn from each other in a safe, supportive environment.