Share your story!

Share your story!

How APDA has made a difference for YOU?

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Connecting Through Art Caregiver

APDA’s Connecting Through Art program gives me a little bit of my husband back. The energy he has after he’s done something artistic, it’s amazing.  His communication improves, his enthusiasm, his connection with people, his awareness of conversations going on around him significantly improves. It’s just a little booster shot of energy, pure energy.

Jim Parrett – Diagnosed at 66 years

Walking, writing and simply drinking from a glass were all challenges when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  But then I discovered that exercising, staying involved in the community, and learning all I could about this disease put me on a path to life-long health.  I have my life back!

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I discovered APDA at a senior’s seminar held at the Tulsa Fairgrounds five years ago, shortly after being diagnosed with PD.  Out of curiosity, my wife Diane and I approached the APDA booth, where the staff member there, described to me each of my own symptoms of PD!  From APDA, I learned of the regular support group meetings, therapy, and exercise programs being held across the city and area, and since then, with my wife/caregiver, I have availed of the frequent and well-organized programs managed by many well-versed facilitators offered by the organization.

Tremor, walking, writing and drinking from a glass are a challenge to those with PD, but staying involved in the community, as well as taking care of myself, has allowed me to develop many friendships  and put me on a path to what is proving to be a life-long health journey.


Laurie Witt – Diagnosed at 51 years

“When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I was lost, had no support and felt completely alone.  My body went through storms of pain and spams and I had nowhere to turn to.  Now I have a way to feel purpose, alleviate the stress of the diagnosis give back in a way I never could. APDA gave me the support, relationships, and resources to regain my life and find the warrior in me.”


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When I was diagnosed with PD 5 years ago, I had no one to support me through this journey. I felt alone in the middle of a huge storm. But shortly after diagnosis, I found APDA. It was there that I was given something my father, (who also had PD) never had. I was given a family, a group of people who were there for me when I had a question or when I just needed someone to talk to. They helped alleviate the stress of the diagnosis. They were there for me no matter what was happening in my body. As my relationship with APDA grew, I was given a support system of people to exercise with and just enjoy life with in spite of this disease. Later, I became the photographer for APDA, and I found purpose again. I found a way to give back in the midst of the battle. It was there I found the “warrior” in me. And every day, I choose to fight for me and for my dad, my uncle, my cousin and my friend, all who are fighting alongside of me.