New technology from Abbott allows for remote programming of DBS device

Abbott, one of the manufacturers of deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices for Parkinson’s disease (PD) recently released NeuroSphereTM Virtual Clinic, a technology that allows for virtual visits between patients and their DBS neurologist and is the first system to allow for remote programming of the DBS device.

Currently, a device can be programmed so that a person with a DBS system in place can choose between a few different settings which they can change on their own at home. This flexibility allows a patient to have some degree of autonomy over their settings and prevents the person with PD from having to go to the doctor’s office for every small change. The new system takes this a step further and allows for a virtual conversation with the doctor followed by more extensive remote changes in the device settings – over the internet. This will serve to pre-empt even more in-person visits, which can be especially helpful for people who live a far distance from their DBS neurologist, and/or have mobility issues that make such visits more challenging.

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