Centers for Advanced Research: Spotlight on Mayo Clinic

APDA Centers for Advanced Research: Spotlight on Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

Your support helps APDA fund eight Centers for Advanced Research across the United States, where some of the best scientists in the field are conducting cutting-edge investigations that are helping us understand what causes PD and how best to treat it, and ultimately getting us closer to a cure.

One of these centers is at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, where Dr. Dennis Dickson, MD, directs a busy center. Thanks to you, they are able to:

  • Identify novel gene mutations that contribute to Parkinsonism
  • Conduct a range of clinical trials looking at everything from gait in advanced PD to Lewy bodies of the gut
  • Maintain a very active Deep Brain Stimulus (DBS) program with 75-100 procedures performed per year
  • See approximately 1,500 patients each year