How Are You Tracking?

How Are You Tracking?

Better symptom monitoring at your fingertips

The more specific you can be with your health care team about the types of PD symptoms you’re experiencing, the better your doctor(s) can tailor your treatment plan specifically to you.

But it can be hard to remember how certain symptoms have or have not affected you since the last time you connected with your health care team. That’s why APDA developed a new mobile phone app that makes it really easy to keep track of your symptoms frequently and more accurately, and share that information with the people who are treating you.

Questions for you

The APDA Symptom Tracker app guides you through a simple set of questions that has you rate how certain motor symptoms (such as tremor, rigidity, balance) and non-motor symptoms (fatigue, anxiety, depression, and others) are affecting you. It then creates a simple graph to indicate which symptoms are most impacting your quality of life.

You can save this graph in the “My Library” section of the app, and also email to members of your health care team. Over time, you can compare your results to see if certain symptoms are getting worse, and determine which symptoms need to be addressed more urgently than others.

Questions for the Doctor

The APDA Symptom Tracker also has a special “Questions for the Doctor” feature that generates a list of suggested follow-up items for you to review with your doctor about symptoms you are currently experiencing, but also about preventative care. You can bring a printout of the questions with you to your appointment so you don’t forget to ask any that are important to you.

The app also features a useful list of resources that connects you directly to a wealth of quality, credible PD information.

The APDA Symptom Tracker can help you have more meaningful conversations with your healthcare team and better manage your disease. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today!

The APDA Symptom Tracker app will be a useful tool that will benefit the not only the patient, but it will help me as their doctor.” – Rebecca Gilbert, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, APDA

The development of this app was made possible by generous support from Acadia Pharmaceuticals.