Spotlight on: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

APDA funds eight Centers for Advanced Research across the country, which facilitate investigations into the causes, treatments, and ultimately, a cure for PD. One of these centers is located at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where APDA funding supports:

• Fellowship program in movement disorders
• MRI-guided Deep Brain Stimulation
• Non-motor symptoms study
• Therapeutic alpha-synuclein knockdown study
• 1,000 patient visits per year

Dr. Greenamyre leads team to new therapies

J. Timothy Greenamyre, MD, PhD, and his team at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have discovered a major reason that a Parkinson’s-related protein is toxic to neurons in the brain. This finding has the potential to lead to new therapies that could slow or stop the progression of this disease.

“I’ve been involved in Parkinson’s research for more than 25 years and the further I go along, the more urgency I feel to translate what we’re doing in the laboratory into something that’s going to make a meaningful difference for people affected by Parkinson’s disease.” — Dr. Greenamyre

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