APDA’s New Program to “PRESS” Forward with Support/Information

Parkinson’s Roadmap for Education and Support Services (PRESS) is an eight week in-person support series with tailored content to address the psychosocial needs of those who have been diagnosed within the last five years. Each PRESS support group is facilitated by a trained healthcare professional and will provide a structured platform for people to share their experiences, feelings, and strategies for coping with the disease.

“We saw a need for a more specific support program, especially for those who are just starting to navigate the world of Parkinson’s,” says Leslie Chambers, President & CEO of APDA. “High quality education and support are critical to a successful PD journey.”

Since PRESS has already shown such incredible promise, we’ve expanded this program to key cities nationwide, where people living with PD can find the support they need to live with strength and optimism.

To learn more about PRESS or to register for a group near you, contact Emily Ciorciari at eciorciari@apdaparkinson.org or call (800) 223-2732.

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