APDA Partners with BioMech to Raise Funds and Get Golfers With PD Back into the Swing

APDA Partners with BioMech to Raise Funds and Get Golfers With Parkinson’s Disease Back into the Swing

People with Parkinson’s can enhance the joy of golf,
thanks to a cutting-edge and innovative golf club!

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can make playing golf incredibly challenging, and in some cases, impossible. BioMech Golf’s AccuLock ACE putter can help:

  • Its contact against the golfer’s leading forearm facilitates a simpler, natural core putting motion. ·
  • An upright, balanced stance helps to control and stabilize the stroke, thus eliminating unwanted and uncontrollable motion in the small muscles of the hands, wrists, and arms.
  • As a result, the ACE gives Parkinsonians (and all golfers) improved putting control.

“The design of this putter has allowed me to putt with better consistency and accuracy. The position of the putter’s shaft against my forearm provides stability and reduces my excessive movement. I am now able to get back out on the golf course and play the game I love.” — Jason Tracy, avid golfer living with Parkinson’s disease for 11 years.

BioMech will donate $5 from the sale of every ACE putter in 2016 to APDA.

BioMech’s goal is to help every player realize their optimum potential. Shop now!



Get your putter today at www.biomechsports.com and in select retail stores nationwide!

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