Depression in PD

It is not unusual for people with Parkinson's disease and early onset Parkinson's disease to experience depression.

Depression is one of an array of symptoms that may present themselves in early onset Parkinson's disease.

Depression can pre-date other signs of Parkinson's, even some of the motor symptoms. Certainly, not everyone who has PD will get depression, and not everyone with depression will get PD, but it is a symptom to be aware of and to attend sooner rather than later. Depression is not always serious but it can be.

Keep in mind, depression and other non-motor symptoms are not something you hould just have to just "live with." Most types of Parkinson's depression are treatable. It may take some time to find the treatment that will work best for you and your particular symptoms, so work closely with your doctor. Consulting other healthcare professionals such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or clinical social worker can also be quite helpful.