Let’s Keep Moving With APDA: Innovative Technology for Freezing of Gait

In this session of Let’s Keep Moving With APDA, special guest Franchino Porciuncula, EdD, PT, DScPT shared his expertise on freezing of gait and explained the technology that can help prevent it.  He also answered audience questions live.

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ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Franchino Porciuncula, EdD, PT, DScPT
Dr. Franchino Porciuncula is a Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University. With a background in physical therapy and movement sciences, Dr. Porciuncula’s research focuses on the design and development of robotics-augmented interventions in neurological rehabilitation including Parkinson’s disease and stroke. He completed his research training in Movement Sciences (Ed.D.) at Columbia University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. Dr. Porciuncula conducts research at the Center of Neurorehabilitation at Boston University focusing on understanding walking mechanics in Parkinson’s disease, and on the development of novel interventions for walking in Parkinson’s disease using innovative technologies, including digital health and robotics.

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