April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Why does that matter?

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Why does that matter?

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Why does that matter?

It seems that every major disease has a special month. A month that is dedicated to the cause, where for a moment, people pay attention. They may walk, fundraise, wear a certain color or attend an event. For the PD community, April is our month.

But for all of us at APDA, April doesn’t really matter. Because for us, every single month of the year is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month. Every day, we’re working to improve the lives of people impacted by PD. Not just in April. Today, whatever day it is that you’re reading this, APDA is on the front lines, helping people in their local communities through support groups and educational programs, through exercise and movement classes – programs and services that not only provide insight and information but also create social connections that are so valuable to living your best life with PD. APDA also hosts special events like galas, golf tournaments and Optimism Walks that raise critical funds (some of which had to be postponed, but we’re working hard to reschedule as many as we can!). Whether it’s midnight on a Tuesday in May, or 2pm on a Sunday in June, APDA is always here for you with webinars, educational materials, our Smart Patients online support group, our Symptom Tracker phone app and more. We are here for you whenever you need us, not just in April.

However, we still love April! Any effort to raise awareness for PD is so important so we still wholeheartedly support and celebrate Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. It’s a chance to take advantage of a special moment when there is extra focus on the disease and an opportunity to educate a broader audience about PD and about the support APDA can provide. You’ll see our Chapters and Information & Referral Centers ramp up efforts to raise awareness about PD, and we hope you’ll help us spread the word.


What can you do for Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month?

  • Spread the word about PD by sharing a link to our website or one of our publications or webinars with a friend who might benefit from learning more.
  • Make this the month when you finally make that appointment with a neurologist that you’ve been putting off.
  • Register for one of our VIRTUAL Optimism Walks and help raise funds and awareness no matter where you live!
  • Been hesitant to go to a support group or exercise class? One might be available online! This April, take the plunge and give it a try.  Call APDA at 800-223-2732 if you need help finding one.
  • Know someone who is a care partner? Check in on them and see how they’re doing.
  • Make a donation to APDA. The more funds we raise, the more people we can help, and the need is especially great in these challenging times.

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