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There are three sections of this presentation. In the first section, we will address the basics of Parkinson’s disease, including the motor symptoms of PD. The second section will address non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The third section will address treatments for PD and advice for living well with the disease
Section 1 – What is PD & Motor Symptoms
This section will cover why Parkinson’s disease develops and how the disease worsens with time. It will also discuss the movement problems that occur with advanced Parkinson’s disease and will show videos to demonstrate the types of movement problems that you may witness.
Section 2 – Non-Motor Symptoms
This section will cover the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that are not related to movement, such as depression, anxiety, cognitive problems, blood pressure problems and gastrointestinal problems, as well as others.
Section 3 – Treatments & Living Well
This section will cover treatments for Parkinson’s disease including medications, surgery and rehabilitative therapies. It will also focus on steps to live well with the disease including exercise and diet considerations. These steps will help you take better care of someone with advanced PD.
This section contains the final test to receive the certificate of completion.
Course Evaluation
This section includes the Course Evaluation, which is the final step to receiving your Course Certificate. Please do not submit your Course Evaluation until you've completed the entire course and passed the Final Test.
APDA Training & Certification: Taking Care of the Person with Advanced Parkinson’s Disease
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  • Intro (video)
  • Course Outline

SECTION 1: What is Parkinson’s Disease?

  • Lesson (video)
  • Practice Quiz (3 Questions)  

SECTION 2: Non-Motor Symptoms  

  • Lesson (video)
  • Practice Quiz (5 Questions)

SECTION 3: Treatment 

  • Lesson (video)
  • Practice Quiz (5 Questions)


  • Final Certification Test (20 Questions)


  • Additional Resources

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