The Lenny & Mike Challenge

Diagnosed at 68

Lenny Carneiro is a Physical Therapist and Clinical Director at Mind & Mobility who specializes in working with people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD).  Michael “Mike” Moran, age 73, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2011.  On April 24th, Lenny challenged Mike to do a 5k color run with him.

When Lenny first told Mike about this challenge, Mike said, “You are trying to punish me, aren’t you.  I get tired very easily and I am very slow.  My gait is affected.  When I sit for a long period of time it is very hard to get up.”  Even though Mike was hesitant, he accepted Lenny’s challenge.

“It was murder but I did it.”, Mike said.  He jogged the entire 3.2 miles and finished it in 55 minutes.  “It made me feel accomplished and I would do it again.  I feel so much better since I started moving for a purpose.  I have so much respect for Lenny. He was the best trainer anyone could ever ask for.  He will probably have me riding horses next!”

Lenny hopes this experience will inspire and encourage others to keep exercising and fighting against PD.

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