Taking Things One Day at a Time


Where do I begin? One year I’m bringing home my second bundle of joy, three years later there are things that are starting to happen. Worst of all, I can’t explain to my husband what’s going on. I always figured that I was going through a phase and would get over it. Little did I know that this phase would last a lifetime!

In 2007 I had my thyroid checked because I was feeling sluggish. I was informed that it must be pre-menopausal symptoms. Then an occasional tremor would start in my legs, switch position and all was good. My only thought: that’s odd. Then, the tremors began to get worse. In 2009 my whole body was shaking inside. When I had my thyroid checked again I was told I needed to see a neurologist. At this point, I sunk; my boys at this time were eight and four. I had them to live for!

I had slowly begun to use humor to help myself keep from breaking down I explained to my neuro, “I know what a beach ball feels like at a baseball game!”, meaning that my nerves would hit one at a time going from spot to spot. Ultimately, he said it was tremors; I was only 35 at the time.

In the spring of 2011 things took a turn for the worse! I told my neuro that I thought it was time to see a specialist, he agreed. I was sent to a movement disorder specialist who confirmed it was YOPD, six days before I turned 37.

My motto is: Just because I am a statistic does not mean I have to nor do I want to be treated like one! I take things one day at a time. The ladies I teach with are the best support in the world! They laugh with me when I crack jokes about the things I do: my walking, my right arm shaking, and other things. They also cheer me on when needed. Yet, the one person who helps me the most: my husband- he’s my rock!

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