Mary Huston


Diagnosed at 54

Several years after my diagnosis I would Try my Hand at Water Color painting
The result – Painting Brings me to my Knees

(And this had absolutely nothing to do with Parkinson’s except it was encouraging that I did not have a tremor post DBS and at least I could give water color painting a shot)

Retired and with time on my hands, I thought an artist I’d try to be
After all, I’m pretty creative so how difficult are the colors to see?

Well, let me just tell you what it was my fate to learn
To be careful about what in the future you may yearn.

Watercolor painting requires a fair amount of patience and restraint
You think that is a piece of cake? Might be for you but for me it aint.

But just like everything that I’ve ever decided to undertake
I’ll hang in there and master this skill – make no mistake

Granted they will never hang on a Louvre wall,
But I only want to create a piece of art. That’s all.

So think about me as I struggle to paint in an art class
Compared to battling Parkinson’s art is a half full glass.

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