Caregiver for 15 year(s)

Ya know, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s Parkinson’s. That’s why I write about it, research it ceaselessly.…hound that beast down & beat it into oblivion. My husband ( the guy with it for 15 years now) almost blithely takes it in his stride – infuriating!

Or is it. Just ‘cause he’s a shameless optimist doesn’t mean he isn’t right – just different. While I might rage about it, he’ll have a donut. But we’ve been blessed – no doubt about it. He had DBS a la Boston Scientific’s Vercise in 2012; now that some beautiful hardware! It has a finesse and grace that rivals all other devices. The real boon: a 25-year battery!!

But, I digress. We have two grown sons – the best fun ever! We have each other (after 30-odd years of marriage, he’s lucky I didn’t ‘DBS’ him meself). And he’s a great guy! His Parkinson’s doesn’t define him – he minds not in the least that his 6’4’’ 250lb. body is as wayward as a 4-year old at times. I’m his ‘carer’, although ‘guard’ would be a better term. His name’s Pete, and he’s my hero (just don’t tell him..)! This is him.

Sure life is challenging at times. But even the ogre in me knows it could be worse – far worse. We ride through the rough knowing that someday, someone will come up with a cure of sorts. I’m a-hunting for them and alongside them, I’m closing in on the kill…

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