Caregiver for 20 year(s)

This story is in memory of my mom who suffered with Parkinson’s and was so strong till the end of her life … I tried to be a care taker for her many times and assisted her in daily chores when she was not able to do them herself . She lived alone but was unable to do so after awhile and I took her in my home for awhile … Being a only child it was getting to be too much and I had to make the hardest decision in my life to admit her into a nursing home . Things didn’t go well because the staff really didn’t understand Parkinson and it was a struggle to make them understand. If only nurses and staff would be more educated on this disease it would be more comfort to the patient and family … I only wish I would have been more patient and loving if I would understand this awful disease when she needed me the most …. Please educate yourself if one of your family members has this crippling disease… To everyone that is close to or knows someone who has Parkinson’s Disease my prayers are with you … I love you mama and think a lot about you and miss you .. ❤️

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