Diagnosed at 58

In November 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, after noticing tremors in my left arm. My stomach sank and I did not know what to do. I did research online and read that exercise was a great deterrent of the disease.

In April 2016, another Parkinson’s patient came into my gym and asked me about training in boxing. He professed his question with the fact he had Parkinson’s. After starting teaching him boxing as well as working on balance and agility drills I began to notice positive changes in both of us.

At this point (September 29,2016) I now have 16 people participating in my Program called “Champions Boxing” . There has been a news article in our local paper as well as a spot on one of the television stations about us.

We are getting referrals from Physical Therapists as well as physicians . One day per week there are 8 students in the physical therapy department who come and volunteer with the participants, helping with balance beam activities, agility ladders as well as holding punching pads for the athletes.

I have decided I will not give in to this disease, but i will “Beat parkinsons 1 Punch at a Time”

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