Diagnosed at 55

My journey with Parkinson’s began in August, 2008. I managed to keep my job as an elementary music teacher until last Fall, when I had DBS surgery. Now, as I deal with the aftermath of that surgery, and the changes it has introduced, I am keeping a blog online. My goal is to encourage others like me, who are desperate for a “Normal” life. The story is too long for this venue, but you are invited to read about it at https://vivace1017.wordpress.com/

The Parkinson’s adventure is leading me in paths I never would have pursued otherwise. It challenges my thinking, my perspective on life, my awareness of others. This unwelcome guest, this lemon thrown into the fabric of our lives, has become not the focus, but a catalyst that is spurring both my husband and I on to live life to the fullest. Please join me on the blog to learn more.

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