I was diagnosed 5 yrs. ago and was shocked. But I decided to continue my community involvement as much as I could. One thing I especially enjoy is teaching English to immigrants at our community college. (their courage and determination inspires me!) Of course my handwriting has been affected by Parkinson and sometimes it is difficult to read what I’ve written on the white board. My students have been very supportive and are willing to take turns writing words on the board if my hand begins to tremble too much. In fact, they tell me it forces them to push themselves to get up in front of others and write English. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we were discussing what each person in class was thankful for. Many, of course, said they were happy to be in the U.S. and for their families too. Then one student said, “I’m thankful Judy that you are my teacher. You have taught me much more than English.” The others clapped and said thank you to me also. Parkinson Disease may change our bodies but we still can give back to our communities and make a difference in other’s lives.

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