Inspiring Speaker

Diagnosed at 41

As a person with Parkinson’s I am an inspiring success speaker. Not a Speaker with Parkinson’s disease (though I have had to live with it for 15 years). Not a run-of-the-mill inspirational or motivational speaker. I did not choose this profession. I sacrificed a lot to graduate from Cornell Law school and practiced law for 22 wonderfully interesting years. I don’t know why my higher power made it not possible to practice law, something I loved to do (not many people can say that about their job). My story is about faith. Faith that my high power has a reason for having this happen. Faith that He has a reason for making me go through all the horrible things that occur because of Parkinson’s. Faith that it is “for the best.”

My wife, Bernadette and I mapped out a detailed plan to deal with my Parkinson’s and have demonstrated unshakeable determination in sticking to our plan including, exercising beyond our comfort zone, eating healthy food, associating ourselves with only positive people, many of whom we met through our association with APDA, and remaining relevant by traveling the world providing inspirational presentations to groups with chronic illnesses. Today, 15 years into my PD, I am in the best shape of my life and determined to remain that way, if not get in better and better shape!


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