Diagnosed at 80

About 8 years ago I started noticing that I had problems getting up out of chairs. Then it seemed as if my feet were glued to the floor and I could not move. But then I had a knee replacement and we thought that might have been the problem. Then oyher symptoms appeared: my voice got lower, I could no longer sing and my handwriting became almost illegible. I had a suspicion that it might be Paarkinsons, bu I had no tremors.. So it was almost a relief when i was diagnose with Parkinson’s. I was told the medications would stop the progress, but they would not reverse anything. I was very fortunate, that now I can get up out of any chair without help, I walk without a cane or walker, I have no pain or tremors. My husband of 61 years has been very supportive from the beginning. I believe my positive attitude and my faith and my community have been an important part of this journey. I do not worry . I am only told I should slow down a little.