Diagnosed at 11

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when I was 11 ( a few years prior to my mom being diagnosed as well). I was lucky I played the guitar and the smallest rigidity in my right hand and fingers was taken seriously.
My first neurologist put me on medication, however, as it did not make much of an impact at all and my sympthoms were not severe and especially because I was very young, my family and doctor decided to stop it after just over a year.
A started writing with my left hand and compensated every syphtome very easyly. My walk started to bother me somewhat in my mid 20’s and I also started having symphtoms in my left side. Still, I have been living a very active and full life. I competed in more sports when I was young, did horse riding and many more. (I am highlighting this becase I believe it had a lot to do with my very slow progression of symphtomes. ) I finished university as an economist in international relations and been working successfully in the field (PD did not effect any of it, also probably because I can very well hide all of it).
Today I am 33 and have a husband and two healthy, very smart and cute twin boys age 2. I just started to think about restarting some type of medication and doing my web search :) I found this page!
If I could help by telling my sory, I am pleased to being able to do that!
As I saw my mum going trhough the very hard of it, I am wishing the most of strength to all of you!
Keep your heads up!