Diagnosed at 65

I have always been an independent person and the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at age of 65 came as a shock. I have spent my working life as a nurse and as an attorney; in other words, I always felt in control.

Following my initial shock, I decided to make the successful adaption to Parkinson’s disease the challenge of my retirement years. I enrolled in an intensive exercise program, learned as much as possible about my condition and became involved in the Parkinson community. I also changed my life style, my attitude and, once again embraced my earlier love for dancing.

Today, seven years later, I lead a personal and socially satisfactory life style. I feel I am making a contribution. The saying: “I have Parkinson, but Parkinson’s does not have me” surely applies to me.  Parkinson disease forced me to stop and smell the roses -something that I would not have done on my on – and for this I am very grateful.