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Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Midwest Parkinson Congress

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Please visit the sponsor virtual booths, linked below, to learn more about their medications and programs. They will remain open for viewing until Sunday, August 23, 2020. Some sponsors have Chat enabled, where you can request more information.

Thank you to everyone who made the 2020 Midwest Parkinson Congress a success. Over 1,300 people registered for the event, making it the largest Midwest Parkinson Congress ever – thank you to everyone who logged-on! We would like to thank our panel of esteemed speakers for sharing their PD expertise with our audience, we are so grateful for their commitment to the PD community. And last, but certainly not least…


we couldn’t do it without their support!


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Agenda and Frequently Asked Questions

10:00 am - APDA Intro with Leslie Chambers
10:10 am - Cognitive and Other Non-Motor Behaviors and How to Cope with Their Manifestations with Jennifer Goldman, MD, MS
10:40 am - Live Q&A with Jennifer Goldman, MD, MS
10:55 am - break (Sponsor Content)
11:05 am - DBS in PD: Optimal Patient Selection, Limitations, and New Development with Tao Xie
11:35 am - Live Q&A with Tao Xie
11:50 am - break (Sponsor Content)
12:00 pm - Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Disease with Rebecca Gilbert, MD
12:30 pm - Live Q&A with Rebecca Gilbert, MD
12:45 pm - APDA Conclusion with Roger Halleen
1:00 pm - Day 2 End

10:00 am - APDA Intro with Leslie Chambers
10:10 am - What's New in Research with Joel Perlmutter, MD
10:40 am - Live Q&A with Joel Perlmutter, MD
10:55 am - break
11:05 am - Parkinson's Disease: A Balancing Act with Aasef Shaikh, MD
11:35 am - Live Q&A with Aasef Shaikh, MD
11:50 am - break
12:00 pm - Sleep and Fatigue with Rebecca Gilbert, MD
12:30 pm - Live Q&A with Rebecca Gilbert
12:45 pm - APDA Wrap-Up with Cathy Krane
1:00 pm - Day 1 Ends

How do I turn on/up the volume?
First, please make sure your computer’s audio is not on mute. Next, check to see if the video itself is unmuted – bring your cursor over to the video and on the bottom left corner there is a small speaker icon. If there is a slash through it, click it once to unmute the video. You can also turn the volume up on the video and on your computer. Headphones may also be helpful. If you are still having issues, please try refreshing or restarting your browser.

Where do I watch this?
Right here! The page you’re on – and all Midwest Parkinson Congress pages, including virtual booths – have the live stream embedded right at the top underneath the Welcome text. It should play automatically when you load this webpage, but if not, simply click play on the embedded YoUTube video above.

How do I ask a question?
To the very right of the presentation video, there is a window called “Slido.” You can click the drop-down in the top center to view the list of speakers who are presenting today – select the one you’d like to ask a question to. Click the Q&A tab, and then click “Ask” to submit your question. Our moderators will share your questions with the speaker. Slido may not be visible on mobile & tablet devices. Alternatively, you can visit the www.sli.do website on a second device and enter the code 081320 to participate in the Live Q&A and polls.

Can I watch this later/is this being recorded?
Yes! Both days are being recorded and will be available on our YouTube Channel immediately after each day ends, and we’ll have individual session recordings published within a week.

What time does this begin?
The event begins at 10:00 am CT. Click the days above this table to see the agenda and speaker presentation times.

Is Captioning Available?
Live auto-captioning is available on the Facebook Live broadcast at www.facebook.com/apdaparkinsons/live/. We will have verified captions added and uploaded to both the Facebook and YouTube Channel recordings a week after the event.

Is this Live?
The presentations are pre-recorded to ensure quality and minimize interruptions or disconnections. The Speaker Q&A sections, happening immediately after each presentation are Live and your questions will be answered in real-time!

I need to leave and come back, can I pause this?
Yes, click pause on the bottom left-hand corner of the video. Please note, if you close your browser, when you rejoin, it will not play from where you left off but start at the “live” timecode. Also, if you pause the video you may miss a Live Speaker Q&A, which will occur as scheduled.

I have a friend who didn’t register. Can they watch?
Of course! Have them join us by using the link https://www.apdaparkinson.org/midwest-parkinson-congress