Midwest Parkinson Congress | Sponsored by Acadia Pharmaceuticals


While we’re disappointed we didn’t get to see you in person this year, we are excited that we were able to come together virtually. Watch both days of informative presentations and Live Q&As to dive deeper by clicking play on the video above.

– APDA Greater St. Louis, Oklahoma, and Midwest Chapters

Sponsored By Acadia Pharmaceuticals

Our work is focused on the central nervous system, but it comes from the heart. Improving the lives of people with central nervous system disorders isn’t just our business. It’s our passion. “Core to our culture is our drive to improve lives-we never lose sight of the patients we serve and their families.”


10:00 am CT - Welcome with Leslie Chambers, President and CEO, APDA
10:05 am CT - Keynote Introduction with Jill Stein
10:10 am CT - Courageous Parkinson's and Live Q&A with Heather Kennedy | Kathleen Kiddo
10:45 am CT - break 
10:55 am CT - The Latest in PD Research and Live Q&A with Dr. Joel Perlmutter
11:50 am CT - break
12:00 pm CT - Breakouts
                     A: Speak Up! How to Talk to Your Health Care Team About PD and Live Q&A with Johanna Hartlein, APRN
                     B: Estate Planning Basics and Live Q&A with Stephanie Martinez, JD
12:45 pm CT - Closing Remarks with Jenny Johnson, Executive Director, APDA Oklahoma Chapter

10:00 am CT - Welcome with Cathy Krane, Executive Director, APDA Greater St. Louis
10:10 am CT - Depression and Anxiety in PD and Live Q&A with Dr. Michael Mercury
10:55 am CT - break 
11:05 am CT - Voice and Swallowing Muscles- Use Them or Lose Them! and Live Q&A with Tiffany Turner, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S 
11:50 am CT - break
12:00 pm CT - Breakouts
                    A: The state of Parkinson's disease care in African Americans and Live Q&A
with Dr. Lynda Nwabuobi
                    B: Common myths and misconceptions that may sidetrack caregiving to the detriment of a loved one with Parkinson's disease and Live Q&A with Dr. Kevin Klos
12:45 pm CT - Closing Remarks with Roger Halleen, Board President, APDA Midwest Chapter 

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Where do I watch this?
You can watch on APDA's YouTube Channel; simply click to play!

How do I ask a question?
Whether you're watching on your computer, phone or tablet, join APDA staff and community members in the Live Chat throughout the Congress.  Click on the video above, and go directly to YouTube where you can join the Live Chat.  We also invite you to share questions for our speakers to answer during the Live Q&A sessions.

Can I watch this later/is this being recorded?
Yes! Both days are being recorded and will be available on our YouTube Channel immediately after each day ends, and we’ll have individual session recordings published within a week.

What time does this begin?
The event begins at 10:00 am CT. Click the days above this table to see the agenda and speaker presentation times.

Is Captioning Available? Live auto-captioning is available on the Facebook Live broadcast at www.facebook.com/apdaparkinsons/live/. We will have verified captions added and uploaded to both the Facebook and YouTube Channel recordings a week after the event.

Is this Live? The presentations are pre-recorded to ensure quality and minimize interruptions or disconnections. The Speaker Q&A sections, happening immediately after each presentation are Live and your questions will be answered in real-time!

I need to leave and come back, can I pause this? Yes, click pause on the bottom left-hand corner of the video. Please note, if you close your browser, when you rejoin, it will not play from where you left off but start at the “live” timecode. Also, if you pause the video you may miss a Live Speaker Q&A, which will occur as scheduled.

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